Benefits of a Rubbish Removal Service

Having a lot of unnecessary junk can often be an overwhelming thing to deal with, as it requires a lot of time and effort to sort through and get rid of. And even if one can find the time, sometimes one does not have the resources available to dispose of bigger items or large quantities of junk. That’s is why our services are a great thing to take advantage of; our junk removal in Vancouver and Burnaby can make the whole process much easier. Read below for some information on how the whole process works.

Great Price

Here at Got Rubbish, our focus is on helping you clear out unnecessary junk and have more organized surroundings, all for a reasonable price. Also, before we start, we always offer you a free quote for our service, so there are no surprises once our service is complete. Our quotes are decided based on the labour required, dumping fees that result from junk removal in Burnaby and Vancouver, the weight and volume of your junk, and clean up, so we can make an accurate estimate if you supply us with detailed information about your junk.

Range of Vehicles

We have a wide range of vehicles so that we can provide junk removal in Burnaby and Vancouver that accommodates for any size load. For example, our trucks have varying heights, from 5ft to 8ft in order to deal with larger loads or taller items. Our trucks also all have a width of 8ft to allow for the largest possible volume and hold large amounts of rubbish.


Our services are great to enlist for large items, such as big household appliances that one may not be able to deal with alone, but we serve many other purposes as well. Junk Removal in Vancouver and Burnaby can also be of use to commercial environments, or demolition sites, to provide frequent service with the disposal of drywall, concrete, and other construction related debris This way, these types of environments are always kept clean, safe, and clutter-free.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of enlisting junk removal in Vancouver and Burnaby is that we are always careful to discard junk in the most eco-friendly manor. If one tries to discard large amounts of junk alone, it is hard to do so, especially in an environmentally friendly way, but with a service, this requires little effort on the personal level.

Ultimately, if you want to declutter any area relatively quickly and effort free, then using a Junk Removal Service in Burnaby and Vancouver is the way to go.

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